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Well so far we have 5 ways to top up you account to spend on various portions of the site.
1) Direct Bank Deposit (The cheapest)
2) PayPal (most recognized world wide)
3) Phone Billing (*new* Get billed directly on your phone account)
4) SMS Payment (Top up your account with a easy SMS instantly)
5) Top-Me-Up (*most popular* You can top up someone else!)

Now you would ask..
"Why on earth do I want to top up someone elses account?"

Well lot of reasons actually...
1) You don't feel like waiting until they do it.
2) You want to make a good first impression on them.
3) SMS top up is instantly, so you only have to wait 1 sec for a replie.
 (if they are online tho)
4) Well just because you a nice person :)
5) Same reason why you would pay for their meal when you take them out for supper one day.
6) (fill in any other reason here if these aint enough :p )

This is what we call the snowball affect :)
Its good...
As you all found out.. we had quite a boost in new members the past few days...
Well.. the search engines is getting to us (finally)

Now the snowball explained :
Its a mystery.. the more members that's online.. the more new members join us. The more new people that joins.. the MORE join an top of that. So ... to speed things up.. there is a link under called "invite a friend"

What it does is give you a link.. where you can add a friends name.. and custom message.. and the site will email your friend with the link to join us.. when they join.. (free) you will get credit on site account. So we kinda paying you to recruit all your friends...

You can then use those credit at a later stage.. to purchase goods from site... (we adding new items) or use it to upgrade membership status at a later stage too.

Enjoy.. may we meet all your friends :) and expand our circle of maaitjies :)
Welcome to all our latest members.. may you find all your hearts happiness with us...

As you all found out everything is free at the moment... Its our opening promo special... and also so you can see how everything is working on site...

We are working on some games on site.. just to waste some time while you wait for your dream girl or guy to come online..

We also looking at importing a desktop messenger so you be always online.. (in future tho)
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