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Weekly horoscope

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Love horoscope
It's not natural for Virgo to undertake resolute actions. If their heart is caught, they take some time to think and don't make important decisions. Love horoscope Virgo informs that this sign can't stand any suspense and is afraid of uncertainty.

Virgo may fear that being pregnant with a child may deprive her of her feminity and attractiveness. But it's not always so. In many cases Virgo becomes a wonderful mother, devoted to her children. Love horoscope Virgo makes believe she is ready to abandon her long dream of independence to create a happy family.

Virgo considers passion to be a weakness of soul that should be treated by mind. They are inclined to analyze their emotions, trying to minimize them by being rational, doubtful. They may even mock at their feelings and have long debates with their partner. In reality, they turn out to be more attached to a person than they imagine.

Love horoscope Virgo gives a striking definition: burning ice. A representative of this sign never opens his heart and conceals his real feelings. In fact, they think that actions can be more demonstrative than words. Tenderness may take humiliating forms. For example, Virgo claims to be faithful, not expecting the same the partner to do the same. And they keep the word. Virgo is looking for a relationship, where moral honesty, chastity and affection are highly estimated. If this relation is not found, Virgo prefers solitude.

There is a large number of singles among the representatives of this sign. Love horoscope Virgo foresees immense difficulties at the first stage of relations. Virgo is timid and reserved and is often at a loss when it's necessary to show the feelings. Sometimes they loose an opportunity and come home lonely, suffering from unfulfilled desires. Or they may choose a simple ordinary relation that brings serenity but makes them stay indifferent. Being rather old, they may forget about everything in order to be lost in an incredible passion.

Virgo has a bent to stop at the last moment, when everything is practically done. So, some activities often remain unfulfilled.

Love horoscope Virgo reveals 3 categories of lovers. A successful type manages to combine business and pleasure. This is an admirable even-tempered man, who is keen on cooking and doing the work about the house. A woman is tender, lively, faithful and 'serves coffee to bed'.

A moderate type may be cold, puritanical; he is an awkward novice, dreaming in solitude, interrupted by some short-time adventures. A woman may be very lonely, considering loneliness to be a virtue.

The life of the third type is governed by sexual desires. He has innumerable love affairs, his heart not being involved. Sometimes is keen on pornography. A woman of this type may start a life as Lolita and end it, being nymphomaniac in monastic clothes.

Love horoscope Virgo predicts a favorable alliance with Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer, advises to avoid Aries and Sagittarius.
Astro Matches
Zodiacal match-ups for you are not the easiest due to your critical analytical nature.

The volatile Aries will upset your nervous nature, the conclusion being ill-fated and certainly not lasting. The Ram just won't put up with your put-downs.

You both share the same high standards and, needless to say, are not the most exciting couple on earth. This is a much better connection during the last half of life.

Not a chance. The risky, carefree fickle Gemini sees you as a drag. Truly a miracle if the two of you do interact for any length of time. This union is best left alone unless other factors prevail in both charts.

Somewhat dull. You both tend to avoid getting involved in activities outside your own environment. Neither of you bother to end the relationship even if it isn't working. This union is a critical and nagging match that results in lowered self-esteem for both of you.

You will have continuous arguments concerning finances and sex. Your critical tongue will make the Lion wander, seeking the ego-boosting that is necessary for the proud Leo's existence.

You are quite likely to agree on most subjects. Virgo's are work, security and cleanliness oriented. When two of you get together in this capacity, unusual sexual pleasures can unfold.

Libra's extravagant, indecisive nature bothers you, however Libra's charm can normally melt your critical tongue. Not likely to be lasting but it can be passionate while it lasts.

This is an interesting match. If the scorpion can tempt you into sexual encounters that are exotic, the end result will end in fireworks.

This is sexually not bad. The Archer's non-committal approach to life however, drives you up a wall. This combo works better as a passing affair.

This is an excellent union. Practicality and neatness go hand in hand for the Goat as well as for you. Fear of material loss locks you in tight for a long term union.

This is a far more mental then physical connection. You rule the lower mind and the Water-bearer the higher mind. This is an intellectual union that is likely to be lasting.

This is a polarity attraction. You are enamored by the Pisces empathetic ways and in turn the Fish needs your practical direction. Pisces' sexuality can bring out the erotic side in you.
( Source: Love Test )
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